Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Officer Bubbles - The worlds lamest cop

If you want to see a cop abusing his power and behaving like a raving homosexual queen, check out this YouTube video of the worlds lamest cop.


"'Officer Bubbles' — the Toronto Police Constable who was videotaped threatening a G20 protester with arrest for assault over the crime of blowing bubbles at a police officer has had enough of mocking videos and comments on YouTube. He has decided to sue everyone involved (commenters included) for more than a million dollars each. The complaint is detailed in his statement of claim — most of the comments seem fairly tame by internet standards; if this goes anywhere, everyone is going to have to watch what they say pretty carefully. The lawsuit appears to have been successful in intimidating the author of the mocking cartoons into taking them down."

I honestly believe Officer Bubbles or Adam Josephs (his real name) should be a candidate for a Darwin Award. Dude... you suck. I used to respect Canadian authority until I saw how they randomly arrest peaceful protesters. That is offsides and reminds me too much of my home Africa.

Officer Bubbles aka Adam Josephs legal claim:
Original Slashdot article: (with video)

Why not to use Outsurance

An article by NoseWeek on why NOT to use Outsurance:

Monday, October 25, 2010

MWEB - Hacked and lying

So there I was, enjoying my Monday at work (okay, so I was not enjoying it that much... I was more sliding into the week as slowly as possible) when all of a sudden an interesting thread pops up in South Africa`s most popular online forum,

The thread was about a major hack that happened to one of our largest ISP (Internet Service Providers) MWEB. The hack was posted on the security website which is part of Both are security based websites.

Now there have being a couple of hacks lately so I was not at all surprised about this one. Sure it was a big hack but the data contained in it was not too sensitive. What caught my attention on this was in the different ways the big corporations that got hacked went about handling this.

Recently a major hosting company called Heztner was hacked in South Africa. Thousands of clients had to change tens of thousands of passwords after a major security breach at their company. The company was pretty responsible in its response. The first their clients knew of this was when Hetzner contacted their clients and informed them of the hack and what changes needed to happen. They explained how the hack happened and dealt with it maturely.

The way the Mweb hack was handled was terrible. The first Mweb Business customers heard of the hack was through the MyBroadBand thread linking back to Mweb`s first reaction was to have the link removed. Then according to some MWEB users on the MyBB forums... access to was temporarily terminated. Shortly after that MyBroadBand released the first news article about the hack:

Shortly after that NEWS24 (Napsters owns NEWS24 and MWEB) released a news report:

However, this is where things go wrong. Duncan Alfreds interviews MWEB CEO Rudi Jansen about the hack and Rudi Jansen is less than honest about the hack. First off he tries deflection. In the News24 article you see him blaming Internet Solutions (one of MWEBs upstream bandwidth providers) , then the interview goes on where Rudi Jansen tries to speculate at the origin of the hacker. The hacker uses the word, "negroland" so Rudi`s assumption is that he must be American.

"These guys are linked to WikiLeaks and they just post things as they come - it's probably American."

Rudi does not stop there, he goes on to say that and hackers are associated with Wikileaks. This is absolutely not true. MWEB CEO Rudi Jansen lied. Its as simple as that. and are in no ways associated with Why the lie Rudi? Why the attempt to blacken Wikileaks name at such a sensitive time?

Whats also interesting about the NEWS24 article is the downplaying of how many accounts were actually compromised. According to NEWS24 there were several accounts compromised and I quote:

"Cape Town - ISP MWEB has been hacked and the details of several of their business clients have been posted online."
What we see here is MWEB and NEWS24 being dishonest and trying to downplay the event. Its pretty clear by visitng the site showing the hack that it was not several accounts that were hacked, but several hundred:

Well for me personally. I wont be using or recommending MWEB again. The whole way the handled this was dishonest and deceitful.

To my readers. Be careful of the company you trust with your personal data and be sure to research the integrity of Internet providers in South Africa. For the majority of them the bottom line is more important than honest.

UPDATE: It looks like one of the compromised accounts belongs to the South African National Defense Force:

"mweb-bussol-pta-279 () busdsl mweb net kyztrnvb s4096 Joint Operational HQ / SANDF"

Friday, October 22, 2010

Primoris Stilus

Greetings and salutations

This is not my first blog, this is not my second blog, but hopefully it will be my last blog. For almost a decade now I have tried to learn the elusive art of stringing certain words together so that they make an intelligent sounding sentence. I have still have not got this rght.

Since this is the first post on my blog I suppose I better give my readers an indication of what they have gotten themselves into by following my blog and reading my articles. Articles on my blog will mostly deal with South African and international politics, articles around religion, atheism and pantheism. I am also an avid fan of history and the natural sciences so expect to be regularly ambushed by articles that have as much excitement in them as a Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk porn video.

Without a doubt some of what I write will upset some people, make others laugh and probably result in several court cases and a lump of cheese. I think I should clarify something for the sake of avoiding hypocrisy. Anything I write is bias and opinionated. Everything you read is bias and opinionated. If you want something less bias than my blog feel free to browse Wikipedia. If you want an article expressing a more personal perspective... well.. Welcome to my blog!

I do do my best to keep the information I am presenting as accurate as possible and am always open up to new ideas, corrections and more accurate data. Please feel free to comment and correct me in my imperfect moments.

Kind regards,
The Author of this blog.