Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A response to xenophobic writer Sentletse Diakanyo

This is a response to the writer of an opinion piece on Thoughtleader who goes by the name of Senteletse Diakanyo (a South African). 

Basically its a pretty racist opinion about how only black people can be called Africans. He excludes Egyptians from being called African by his narrow definition. 

My first thought to Sentletse Diakanyo was a swear word starting with the letter F and ending off with you. Offsides and completely wrong dude. I am pretty sure if people in Egypt read this article they would be saying the same to you.

The author of this article does not know that “African” is a regional title, not a skin color. Is he saying you cant have black Europeans or black Americans? Is he blind? Imagine if the word “Australian” meant “not the skin color of an Aborigine”.

He should visit some Asians in Russia (Russia is an Asian country), some Europeans in Turkey (Is part of the EU) and some Americans from Mexico (Mexico is part of the America`s). Only then will he realize how wrong and small minded his article is.

Perhaps one day when the author stops looking at everyone through such racist goggles he will understand Ubuntu.
We all share a common ancestor Mr Author. We all come from Africa. Some of us where never able to leave it and some of us have come back home.

Senteletse Diakanyo reminds me of the NATS from Apartheid or the occasionaly racist around the braai. They are trying to be just as separatist as him. Theyre different sides of the same coin. 

Senteletse Diakanyo takes several steps towards genocide mentalist. Have a look at this Wikipedia article of Genocide and look in which direction his words start taking us: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genocide#Stages_of_genocide_and_efforts_to_prevent_it

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