Thursday, September 5, 2013

How not to design a website

Its not often I come across such an intense example of a badly designed website, but I thought I would show my readers how NOT to make a website.

Recently I was looking into learning some Zulu and I came across the following website:

Which had the following message:
Google Chrome not welcome disapproves of Google because their "services" are designed to trample on privacy and monopolize the web.
Please choose a different browser vendor.
Now to those of us in this IT industry know how silly this is. Cutting off such a huge part of your audience just shows how little you care about the people visiting your website.

The author of this website has decided to reject one of the worlds most popular browsers because he has ideological differences with the company that creates the browser. This would be understandable, however its pretty clear that same web designer runs a Microsoft PC.... who are well known to be a hundred times worse than Google in dodgy business practices. 

The hypocrisy from this web designer is mind blowing. The business practice is terrible. To add to the hypocrisy, the author of the website does not stop Google for indexing his website. So he is happy to get traffic from Google, but not happy if you use Google Chrome. That is just so dodgy.

Well because I was blocked from accessing I ended up purchasing products from another website featuring a more tolerant African language website. Xhosa. For those of you who would like to learn an African language I would recommend going to:

Learn to speak Xhosa like a pro with the guys at All browsers welcome :) No double standards.

Turns out the confused author of the website is : Carsten Gaebler

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