Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Azure Cloud Woes

I would have loved this to have been a review about Azure Cloud, but it appears Microsoft does not want me as a client. Earlier today I decided to sign up for their free trial to test their cloud based VPS`s. As I am sure you know, the Cloud VPS is a highly saturated, highly competitive market, so I expected something great from Microsoft.

My first impressions? Well my first impressions is I cant even sign up for their service. I went through the intrusive process of giving Microsoft my phone and them verifying it, but when it came to the payment, it would not accept my credit card. This is the same credit card they have on record, which I have used in the past to purchase Windows 8 and Office 360. They even have my credit card under payment options when I view payment option in my account.

At first I thought this was a bug so I tried again. Again they didn't like my payment option. They asked me to contact support. Oh well, I figure if I can just email or submit a support ticket I am sure I can get this resolved.

So I click on get on "Get Support" only to be told that I don't have an active subscription (duh) and I must click on yet another link to get support. So I do this again. Now this time I am greeted with a page of country names and the generic Microsoft support number for my country. They now want me, to spend money and for me to phone them to fix their screw up.

At this point I couldn't be bothered. As mentioned earlier on the VPS market is a highly competitive market. I don't need to jump through 10 hoops with other suppliers, why would I bother with Microsoft.

So sorry Microsoft. You are your own worst enemy. You lost another potential client. 

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