Thursday, February 13, 2014

My first taste of political violence

So yesterday, the Democratic Alliance in Buffalo City Municipality decided to go clean up Oxford Street. Basically the street was a mess. Municipal workers had been striking for weeks to get a 14th cheque and rubbish was piling up.

Events have go so out of hand that even our city hall was fire bombed. The city is literally burning while ANC leadership fiddles (hides).

The entire situation was created by terrible mismanagement of Jacob Zuma's ANC. They had over promised and under delivered. They promised the workers that they would be getting a 14th cheque due to underpaying them in the 2012 year. So they are angry.

Since we have some major international sporting events in our city this time of the year (Like the African Golf Open), the Democratic Alliance decided to walk down Oxford Street (our main street) and pick up all the litter and rubbish. This actually turned out to be a massive job. 

When we were about 2/3rds of the way down Oxford Street we noticed a comotion behind us. Protestors were coming up behind us, taking the black bags we had collected the rubbish in, and then started throwing the rubbish onto the streets and at DA people.

I caught the tail end of this on video.

As you can see things get pretty crazy as intolerance is shown at the Democratic Alliance members. A lot happens in this video so I decided to break it down into some pictures so you can get a clearer understand of what is happening.

Samwu member throwing garbage

Garbage nearly hits innocent bystanders

Samwu member tearing up refuse bags

Samwu member throws garbage at DA members

Samwu member (blue top) looks for projectile in rubbish

Samwu member throws projectile at DA members

Two things are happening in this frame. The Samwu member in the white shirt is picking up something to throw. The Samwu member in the black dress is trying to stop SABC news camera man from filming events

Samwu member covers this lady in rubbish. 

While only light injuries were sustained its very gutting to see all the hard work you have done been undone by workers who wish to hold the city hostage. This type of intolerance needs to be highlighted. 

The complete and utter disaster caused by Jacob Zuma's ANC needs to be shown to the world. 

Here is Athol Trollip explaining the event in more detail:

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