Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hearthstone - How to beat Maexxna in Heroic mode with a druid

To win this battle I had to abuse some card mechanics, but more specifically the hero ability for Heroic Maexxna.

My final card list:

2 Innervate
2 Claw
2 Wild Growth
2 Wrath
1 Bluegill Warrior
2 Novice Engineer
2 Healing Touch
2 Savage Roar
1 Arcane Golem
2 Earthen Ring Farseer
1 Wolf Rider
1 Bite
1 Keeper of the Grove
1 Leeroy Jenkins
2 Starfall
1 Force of Nature
1 Starfire
2 Ancient of Lore

1 comment:

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