Friday, November 12, 2010

CellC and gaming

I work at and run a decent sized ISP when I am not gaming, and one of the perks of running an Internet Service Provider is I get to test a lot of the latest Internet connections. So it was with some excitement and interest that I opened my CellC package that I received from Internet Solutions.

The first thing I did was connect the mobile internet modem to my PC and head over to Below are the results I got:

The most interesting stat from this is the upload speed. 2.95Mb/s! Thats a hellava lot faster than anything in Telkom`s ADSL world. Telkom intentionally nerf their upload speeds so you can not run services on your Internet connection. Cheap bastards. 

Anyways, I tested the latency on two games. The first and most important was obviously World of Warcraft. Latency in game was pretty good. On a normal Telkom semi-shaped account you would get around 800ms lag to Blizzard`s EU server. With the CellC Huawei 4G modem I got a latency of around 500ms. 

The next game I tested the latency on was the DOTA clone known as Heroes of Newerth... or HON. I generally only play with South Africans so that none of our team has excess latency, and the in-game latency I was getting was 131ms. The gaming experience with CellC`s connection was decent. 

My conclusion of my experience with CellC and gaming, is that all in all its an above average service at the moment. Its not the best, I still feel that 10mbs unshaped service is a better product but this product range from CellC is far more affordable and allows you mobile connectivity. 

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