Friday, November 12, 2010

My favorite World of Warcraft Music Videos

This is basically a collection of the best World of Warcraft videos that I enjoy (and that I have found). If there is anything I have missed please feel free to let me know and if they rock, I will add them here.

So lets start with what I feel is top of the list.

1 - Ulduar: Cranius

Fantastic clip uploaded by Cranius. The song is parody of Justin Timberlake`s - I'm bringing sexy back. The production quality, lyrics and in-game acting is fantastic! The video is almost enough for me to take my gnome mage across to Horde, as they look like they have so much fun! Almost enough - as currently nothing can compete with the satisfaction and delight I have whenever my gnome frost mage eats a Tauren for breakfast.

2 - Jace Hall - I Play W.O.W

The best original work out of all the WOW video`s I was viewing. Big up to Jace Hall for this great work. After showing this around the office several colleagues of mine instantly showed an interest in getting involved in World of Warcraft. You cant help but singing the lyrics out loud after hearing this song.

3 - Don't Make Me Get My Main: Cranius

Another great track from Cranius. I like this song because it reminds me so much of the hours I spent in GanklethornVale (Stranglethorn Vale). For those of you that do not know I play a frost mage as my main. Its a gnome frost mage and the gnomes doing the chorus in this music video had me laughing with tears in my eyes. Well done Cranius, another great work!

4 - The Internet is for Porn

One of the older videos I have come across. While the track is taken from another album it was the first time I saw a music video made using in-game WOW acting. A golden oldie but loads of fun still. Again Horde seems to have all the fun with the music videos. 

Whats up Alliance? Why you all so boring! Lets get some class video`s out there so we can show Horde what quality is.

5 - The Guild - Do You Wanna Date My Avatar

This is a late update, but I thought it deserved a spot on this blog post.

There was a 6th movie I wanted to put here, but due to the limitations imposed by College they do not allow me to embed their video in my blog, but you can go to their site to watch their music video.


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