Sunday, August 26, 2012

Twitter assault on Lindiwe Mazibuko

This is a pretty interesting development.

Lindiwe Mazibuko is a member of the Democratic Alliance (a modern social liberal political party in South Africa). She recently made the following tweet about how they always have to meet heads of states in Churches or Universities:

Visiting Heads of State & Foreign Ministers shld address Joint Sittings of .Why must they only speak on campuses & churches?


 let me pray for you girl, god please forgive her she was brainwashed from birth. amen
 since u serve under white monopoly, you undermine Africans
 disrespected south africa, you should apologise. You elevate americanisms above our national interests.
  what's African about Lindiwe?do u think she even understands what u trying to say
 Thinks she's the best thing to have happened in South African politics, well she’s nothing but  black project.SMH
White is better RT Africa and South Africa has enough great woman, why do you want ?
 cos u behave like a slut when everyone wanna treat u like a lady!Thought u know its woman's month. Are u ashamed to be black?
Wow. The vicious tweets continue. Many of them laced with revolting misogyny. The things people say from safe anomymity of the internet...
LOL. “: I love it when  RTs the nutjob tweets she receives. That totally should be more of a thing.”
Anyhoo. Bored now. My colleague, Winston Rabotapi MP is about to speak in Women's Day Debate. Back to work! 
 1st of,as an African child,you ought to respect ur elders. Regardless of how u feel about their view point........
 If you can stop undermining her,and show some respect as u do withHilary,she will make sense!She's black like u,incase u4got.
 why should SA parliament be addressed by Hillary you are so obsessed with whiteness, why don't you do plastic surgery
blah blah where did you even learn that from? You want to be taken serious and you behave like this ---> 
  I think they manage to deliver textbooks and don't blame the Indians for their problems. See the difference?
 Ppl see u as a token n everything u do n say will alwys be scrutinized mara that LuLu women must go teach Grade O in Limpopo
 is that how you show respect in DA. by saying blah blah? oh only white that make sence to you.
 SMH are you being for real? So you identify more with Hilary than you do with Lulu. You definately need Jesus in your life.
Go make tea RT : Listening to Lulu Xingwana's blah blah in National Assembly makes me (cont) 
How important is that Hillary Clinton as compared to Minister Xingwana? RT
U prefer American blah blah? Your bluuury Agent! *Juju's voice!*“
So u regard Americans as supreme to your fellow Africans?☹ RT: Listening to Lulu Xingwana's ... 
 Lindy, dis ppl ddnt go to multi racial schools like u youngs, jst bear with them n hear exactly wat dey r tryng to convey.
 yo obsession with Whiteness will make U even 2wish yo fellow MP's away so that yo Masters can be seen around.Take her 2DA WC
Can  be granted a Visa to go stay in America clearly she thinks she belongs there with Hilary Clinton and them. SMH!!!
Some interesting anti-Americana in response to my tweets, as if I was only talking about US Heads of State. Why the knee-jerk rage, Twitter?

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