Friday, October 12, 2012

Jon Stewart supporting Rupert Murdoch

So yeah, I know the title of this blog post is a little inflammatory and you are probably wondering how the heck I came to the conclusion that Jon Stewart would in any way support Fox News owner, Rupert Murdoch.

Well, its actually a pretty direct link. For years international liberals from around the world used to browse The Daily Show Website and watch the latest episode of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Well all off a sudden that changed. In one move, Jon Stewart closed out his entire international audience and started helping Rupert Murdoch make money.

This all happened when Comedy Central moved their online video's to In 2007, was founded by NBC and News Corp. News Corp is owned and run by Rupert Murdoch. News Corp is also the owner of Fox News.

So now when anyone who does not live in the United States of America visits The Daily Show website, they are completely cut off from Jon's show and are instead greeted with the following message:

I have to take my hat off to Rupert Murdoch. In one move he increased the viewers on and was able to cut out Jon Stewart's messages from reaching an international audience. The biggest loser in all of this is The Daily Show. 

When I used to watch in on I used to sit through the adverts and then enjoy the show. Since I am no longer able to legally watch The Daily Show, I now have to download it from alternative ad free streams. 

Jon... if you ever read this. Change the system. You have a massive international audience. We are often involved in liberal debates that cover issues that already have covered. In the past if we were having an online debate on something you had covered we would navigate to your site. Find the clip we wanted, and post it on our forums. 

This was good for you and us. For us it allowed us to drive home an important point. For you it brought more traffic and eyes to your website. 

Comedy Central and The Daily Show have really shafted their international audience. I really hope they wake up. I just find it really strange that The Daily Show would allow Murdoch to cut of their massive audience so easily. 

Well Jon... I guess its the bottom line that counts huh?


  1. I don't think it's the Daily Show's/Jon Stewart's decision. They are owned by (Viacom?) who would be responsible for those restrictions (I believe that subject was discussed at length at the time that change occurred, but I may be misremembering and have not researched this)

  2. Thanks for the response Paul. You made me Google more about Viacom (and its majority share holder).

    I found similar sentiment here :

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