Thursday, October 18, 2012

The ANC and the abuse of state money. East London Museum

So today I decided to go to our local museum to collect some information on a site a couple of us intend investigating out of historical interest.

When you walk into the East London Museum you walk straight into a wall of ANC propaganda. I was rather shocked at this. Imagine if you were American and you walked into the museum there to see that the ruling party had dedicated the entire entrance of the museum to promoting their ideology.

I spoke to a member of staff at the East London museum and I asked her, "Who is paying for all of this?"

I know the EL Museum is short on money and struggling to survive so surely it was not Museum money that was been used to promote the African National Congress?

The kind I spoke to responded, "Do not worry, the museum is not paying for this. The Department of Sports is paying for the ANC display".

I could not believe my ears. In South Africa our atheletes are always complaining about a lack of funding and here is the ruling party wasting precious sport resources to promote the African National Congress!

This is a disgusting abuse of state resources and yet another reason why voters need to wake up. This blatant abuse of state funds to promote the ANC`s ideology is typical of the ANC.


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