Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Clarification of yesterday with regards to Wikileaks

I thought I needed a follow up post considering the drama that was unleashed on the Twittersphere last night. As you know in my previous post I mentioned I did not like the way the Assange's were running Wikileaks and in protest of some actions against Wikileaks supporters I pulled down the South African mirror for Wikileaks.

Firstly, I really did not know the world was going to go crazy when I did that. Heck, I hardly thought anyone knew or cared about the SA Wikileaks mirror. Seems I was wrong. Out of nowhere hundreds of people started messaging me. Some for Wikileaks... thought most against it.

Despite conspiracies Wikileaks supporters are saying. My account was not hacked and I really did run the South African mirror. I have posted links and information to substantiate this. I am not a CIA agent. I am not a smearbot and nothing of mine has been hacked.

So... do I hate Wikileaks? No. Like many of you the ideal behind it... that of making those in power be more accountable and transparent is still one of the single biggest focuses I have in my life. I might no longer wish to offer my resources to support Wikileaks but that does not mean I want them destroyed or gone. I am sure they are going to be useful in the future. What I do have a problem with is the way its run.

As I said in my last post, I believe the ideal that everyone is working for is bigger than one man (and his mom). This is where Wikileaks fails me. Not only do they not take their support base (beyond begging for money) seriously.... for me as a South African. They are pretty useless.

If someone in my country wants to show information about corrupt officials they wont go to Wikileaks. Most of the time the site says its not accepting new leaks or whatever new whim or direction Julian Assange is following. I would not be surprised if one day he charges whistle-blowers to upload classified data.

So I have decided to focus on projects that are more inclusive. I am currently working with a great group of people for something very exciting. It is totally in line with my beliefs of government and corporate accountability and transparency and will include all whistle blowing websites. It will not just focus on one. It will hopefully give exposure to other similar platforms and offer advice on which whistle blowing platform is best for you. It will even include Wikileaks to a degree.

So if you have a whistleblower website or a website dedicated to government and corporate accountability and transparency please let me know. I would love to include it in my future project. 

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