Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Democratic Alliance Youth student poster and its meme's

The Democratic Alliance Youth League recently released an edgy poster recently to convey a very important message and to promote dialogue on sensitive issues. As one would expect, the right-wing and conservatives of all races reacted a little hysterically and blew the issue out of proportion, while psychologically avoiding the real message.

Conservatives (who apparently have a lot to say about why this would affect their vote for a liberal party...) complained mostly of the nudity. It is a rather strange issue to get upset about as there is less nudity in the image than one would find in a Johnson & Johnson or Dove advert. It seems conservatives like to cherry pick exactly when showing skin is worth calling the church action committee `s together. The irony is, you can not tell if the woman or man are naked (or not) based on what is shown in the image. She may just be wearing a bikini on her way to the beach. Though probably not.

The image (as shown below). Conveys an important message that is important to a lot of the youth of South Africa. A sense of racial harmony that we strive for to bring peace and prosperity to our land. What the picture conveys is a level intimacy between two cultures / racial groups that a lot of conservatives are very uncomfortable with. Forget uncomfortable, it out right offends them.

Based on some of the right wing comments on Facebook. One of the strange beliefs that I got from a right wing Zulu and a right wing Afrikaner is they somehow think that they are a "pure" race and it is their choice to live in their little Apartheid worlds. Knowing a little about biology and human evolution (we are all from Africa originally) I find this a pretty unhealthy belief to have.

A lack of genetic diversity is unhealthy for a population. There is empirical research to show us this. If you look at the genetic disorders that are inherited by the various Jewish populations around the world it is very easy to see why a lack of genetic diversity can be unhealthy. (Link to Wikipedia article discussing the Jewish genetic disorder issue).

Its clear a lot of conservative South Africans of all races are stuck in the past. Their minds are still stuck in the years of the Immorality Act. This is to get people talking and hopefully help our conservatives friends to get their minds out the past.

South Africans of all races have to work closely with each other. Our diversity is our unity. This is our future, and we need to get beyond our superficial hangups.

I would like to congratulate DASO and the DAYL on this 'Benetton like' campaign. It has people talking.

As promised, below is the DASO picture, followed by some of the meme's I have found.

The original poster

The meme's

If you find any more, let me know so I can list them.

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