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Democratic Youth League vs Afriforum Youth League: Which is best for you?

Democratic Youth League vs Afriforum Youth League: Which is best for you?

Today I was driving home from the Spar listening to SAFM and specifically to an interview with the Afriforum Youth and I got to hear what the Afriforum Youth are all about. Within about 15 minutes I got a good idea of the direction of Afriforum Youth and I realize my political ideology and their political ideology are miles apart.

To help people understand the difference between Afriforum Youth and Democratic Alliance Youth I have made this simple comparison post.

The Democratic Alliance Youth are a liberal youth league.
Afriforum Youth are a conservative youth league.

The Democratic Alliance Youth believe in a strong separation between church and state.
Afriforum Youth League believe in a close integration for their religious beliefs and their politics.

The Democratic Alliance Youth stand for all people, of all colors and of all cultures.
Afriforum Youth are specifically focused on the preservation of the white Afrikaner culture.

Going through the Afriforum website I see they have a lot of decent policy... and some really scary policy. Like their insistence of using Christianity to guide their morality (this is the same religion that preaches of genocide, slavery and separatism). That conservative approach excludes one of the biggest (and persecuted) minorities in South Africa. The atheists and agnostics.

Afriforum is not for you if you are a liberal or a progressive. While some of their policy is applaudable... their approach lacks long term vision and perspective. They seem to have created a political orginization that is focused on one specific special interest minority.

These are the type of people that mobilize the Christian right wing when something offends their sensibilities (like the DASO poster and TopTV adult channel hysteria).

If the National Party was still around today in its original form.This is the type of youth league I would expect from them

They represent a support base of a few tens of thousands. I wish them the best of luck for their political future but until they liberalize their policies a little (ie be more inclusive), and learn the basic concepts of separating "church and state"... they can not be taken to seriously as a "civil rights" organization.

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