Friday, January 13, 2012

Why TopTV in South Africa might be losing Current TV

I am a subscriber to TopTV and DSTV. One of the main reasons I have TopTV is it gives me access to several channels that DSTV is unable to offer. These channels are Current TV, MSNBC and Fox News (I love the entertainment factor of watching Republican propaganda).

I tend to watch across networks. I watch BBC, Sky, Al Jazeera, CNN, Russia Today and several other channels. I like to see things from all perspectives (or all offered perceptions). 

Current TV is without a doubt the best channel of the lot (this includes DSTV). It is our families favourite channel. They have some of the most informative shows I have ever seen on a network and it has raised my awareness on how different people`s live in different places from around the world. Its given me a lot of perspective and introspection. 

So you can imagine how gutted I was today when I read a news article on that stated that TopTV will most likely be discontinuing Current TV. Ill quote a little bit of the article here:

TopTV broadcasts the British-generated feed of Current TV, which is also broadcast on the BSkyB pay-TV platform. According to BSkyB, it is considering not renewing its contract with Current TV due to factors such as low viewership and under-performance.

This is ironic, because based on the official TopTV Facebook page and the people commenting on it the channel appears very popular. Doing a search on Current TV on Twitter shows that there are a real lot of upset people in several countries that are as equally upset about Current TV getting pulled from their airwaves.

According to BSkyB the reason it is not renewing the contract is because it is not popular. According to Current TV 1 in 3 Italians who had SkyItalia regularly watched Current TV. If our own TopTV is anything to go by it is also a popular channel here in South Africa. Here are a couple of their tweets:


 we're looking into this and doing everything possible to keep this popular channel on our platform

 we're doing everything we can to keep this on air

TopTV awaits news regarding Current TV

So in my mind, I have to ask myself. Why really is BSkyB going to stop broadcasting Current TV. Lack of popularity did not seem to be a really believable reason to me so I investigated a little deeper and then I found out the real reason why our favourite channel is being taken away from us.

The real reason that TopTV has been taken away from us is because of a personal vendetta that the far right wing billionaire Rupert Murdoch has against a the left wing liberal presenter Keith Olberman. Keith Olberman is well known for exposing the many lies and deceits of Ruport Murdoch and his right wing propaganda machine, Fox News (Often referred to as Faux News). I highly recommend you watch this documentary called "OutFoxed" to get a better perspective of Rupert Murdoch and Fox New's far right political agenda. It is very destructive.

Al Gore had the following to say about Rupert Murdoch's motives:

In an interview with the Guardian, Gore said the Current TV news and documentary channel was told unexpectedly three weeks ago that it could no longer be carried by Sky Italia because of its decision to hire a US left-leaning commentator often critical of Murdoch's company.
He added that the decision reflected how News Corporation operated worldwide. "News Corporation is an international conglomerate with an ideological agenda. It seeks political power in every nation they operate. They wield that power to shut down voices that disagree with the agenda of Rupert Murdoch," Gore said.
The decision, he added, was "a complete shock" but Current TV executives were told "off the record that the decision was taken on News Corp instructions from New York". The primary reason, he said, was "because Current is launching Keith Olbermann next month".

Rupert Murdoch does not have customers. He has hostages. Here I am, wanting to watch my favourite channel and I am held hostage to the whim of one man far right wing ideology. Well I for one refuse to be be Rupert Murdoch`s victims. I see that TopTV is trying to fight to keep the channel online, and I really hope that somehow Current TV and Top TV can keep the channel going. Money talks and consumers walk. I'm willing to pay extra for Current TV (if its available somehow on pay-per-view) and I promise to do my best to educate all my family and friends on the dangers Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation represents.

If anyone from Current TV reads this. Your channel is important please find a way to keep it going. Keep up the good work. Your media is relevant to our generation.

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