Monday, January 4, 2016

Are South Africans being racist in their condemnation of racists?

DISCLAIMER: The purpose of this article is not to make out that one group of racists is worse than another. All racists of all skin colors are equally vile. The purpose of this article is to highlight that racism in South Africa is not just a "whites only" problem, and to highlight that white racists are no better or no worse than black racists. I have included a small sample of the comments made, so should not be considered an accurate reflection of racist ratios or anything like that. It was never intended to be. The single most important point this article makes is.... not only whites are racist, and the second most important point it makes, we (us South Africans) are appear to have double standards on how we treat racists. 

So this is a pretty hot topic, one that I am a little nervous about speaking up about, but the inner liberal in me cries out for equal social justice. I am an equal opportunity offender. I despise racists of all colors and all stripes. 

So I was pretty shocked to see a white South African make a really silly, insensitive and racist comment (that is embarrassing to anyone who reads it).

Here is the original comment and her "apology". 

Now Pennys comments are trending all over social media. Rightfully so. She said something horrible and she is being held accountable for it. However, I noticed a racist trend in the condemnation of Penny's racism. It seems the majority of South Africans will only criticize a white racist. Apparently all racists are not equal and South Africans mostly ignored the thousands of racists comments coming from other commentators. I have included a handful of these comments to give you an idea at what I am talking about: (this is not meant to be a volume counter or meter of the amount of racists, there were also white racists who made more comments, but this is to highlight it not a whites only problem - white people already know they have a problem, and its unlikely you will hear a white person say, "but white people cant be racist").

Almost no one had anything to say about Lucky's racism, and he was not the only one.

Now all the comments above seem to show varying degrees of racism, call for violence, give out her personal details (including phone numbers, ID, etc) or other forms of dehumanization.

When I confronted these people to let them know they are fighting a racist by being racist.... my words and the irony of their actions appeared to be lost on them.

Or if acknowledged, a racist response like these was given:

The media and a huge portion of South Africa attacked and rightfully condemned Penny for her racist comments, but that same huge portion of South Africa did not say a word, or ignored the words of Lucky and the other racists.

Why do we seem to have such serious double standards with black racists and white racists? Are we racist in our racist condemnation?

By condemning one group of racists and doing nothing about the other group appears to legitimize the views of those racists. We need to be careful in our condemnation and apply it equally to all people of all colors. Every group has racists. We need to confront ALL racists. Not just the ones of a skin color that is not ours.


A good move from the Democratic Alliance. Racists will not be tolerated on any level within the party. The DA is a liberal party building a multicultural, nonracial society. 

Not all political parties fire the racists in their parties:


JOHANNESBURG – Jawitz Properties says it's taking serious action against its former employee for posting a racist comment on her Facebook page.
Penny Sparrow took to social media on Saturday and referred to black people as monkeys.

The funniest thing here, is we are all children of Africa. This highlights the levels of ignorance in Penny's comments. We are primates that learnt to make machines. As the quote goes, "these beings with soaring imaginations, would eventually find themselves and their machines in interplanetary space". We are an amazing primate species. I consider myself a proud African primate.


The EFF`s official response. If you swapped the word "white" out for the word "Jew", you would think you were at a rally in Germany in 1941. Basically their response makes outrageous, hyperbolic claims about how white people in South Africa are, attributes the actions of a few idiots to all white people, complains just about white racists, and contains a motion they want to pass that is a basically a blatant racist law designed only to protect one group of people.


  1. It is really sad to see how only whites are hunted down for their actions while blacks get away with inciting death which is a crime. What applies to one should apply to all.

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