Friday, January 22, 2016

The ANC and perception manufacturing for Elections 2016

Well its election season again which generally means one thing. Whites are racist. That's the theme we see just before every election. The ANC cadres are master manipulators of perception.... and they will stop at almost nothing to manufacture your perception and convince you that such is true.

I remember watching Mbeki talking about perception, I remember him saying, "almost everything is about perception". The ANC know about perception and they know how to manipulate it.

A good example would be the #PennySparrow racist incident. Where a stupid racist white lady said some backwards racist statements about black people.

Now in most places in the world this would have gone unnoticed. Heck, even in South Africa outside of election season no one cares about idiot racists.... but come election season, and then the ANC are on a mission.

In the past (and even still today), dishonest ANC cadres fan out into the rural countryside and tell rural folk that if the Democratic Alliance (a party with white people it) ever gets power, they will bring back Apartheid.

This is a ridiculous statement to anyone who knows the DA and their history. The DA are not an offshoot of the NP, the DA are a non-racial liberal party which has many decades of ardent liberal creds. The DA is the latest form of the PFP (Helen Suzman's political party) and has a long history of fighting oppressive governments. They fought both the racist Apartheid government and now they are fighting the corrupt ANC government. If anything, the Democratic Alliance is probably the least racist and most non-racial of the three biggest political parties.

The Democratic Alliance are doing such a good job of fighting the ANC and they deliver incredible levels of service delivery that this has the ANC terrified. So their reaction? Do what they have always done just before an election.

Create the perception that the DA is a racist party full of racists to scare their traditional voting base into voting for them and to stop people talking about important issues such as Nkandla, Income inequality, Lack of land reform, lack of service delivery, terrible president who is looting our country, the attacks on the judiciary, the incredibly high levels of corruption, the poor employment rate, the terrible education results and about a 100 more important, more pressing issues than the words of a insignificant idiot racist.

Look what they did with Penny Sparrow. She is a no-name, insignificant nobody. She has never held a position in the Democratic Alliance and she has never being involved in any way in its structures.

However, since it's the silly season and the ANC desperately needed ammo, they took Pennys comments and amplified it something silly. On any given day, no one would give a hoot about an idiot racist, but on this day, all of a sudden in absolute and in complete synchronization, the ANC troll factory came out in force.

You would think based on the outcry online, that Penny basically tells Mmusi and Helen how to run the DA. A random voter of no significance who had never even attended a DA branch meeting suddenly became the poster child for a "racist DA".

The ANC troll factory has one job. Manufacture the perception. Manufacture perception that the DA is a racist party, that all white people are racist. This includes painting progressive and liberal Cape Town as a center of racist activity (just because it is DA controlled).

Let me take my hat of to them, even though their troll factory is a little child like (I study propaganda and I am used to the more sophisticated Russian Troll Factory), they were able to manufacture the perception that South Africa is a country in racial turmoil and that the DA is a haven for racists.

It was pretty amazing to watch about 1000 or so real and fake accounts all of a sudden come out of the woodwork from nowhere and all say the same thing. It was almost like they were all reading from the same script and had been told to talk about the same talking points. It was perception manufacturing amplified via social media.

The ANC know this, they planned this. They are spending tens of millions on manufacturing this perception. I have several black friends who were contacted and they were asked to help with perception manufacturing. I knew this racist storm was coming weeks before it hit us. I just never thought it would be so huge. Clearly ANC pockets are deep and they are desperate and will do anything (no matter how evil) to cling onto power.

While the DA has some racists (all parties have idiot racists in them), the Democratic Alliance is the ONLY party that deals with their racists when found out. You have had public representatives for ANC say far worse things, but they were ignored. In the ANC its not considered taboo to be racist against white people. The EFFs whole manifesto is basically built on "wit gevaar" (their version of "swart gevaar") and racists are honored and revered within the party. The entire ethos of the EFF is built on hate. However, they are not behind this manufacturing of perception, the ANC are.

If you look at DA members who are found to be racist, they lose their jobs quickly (if found guilty of being racist). Now compare that to this list of ANC & EFF politicians who in some cases said far more racist comments than Penny... who have kept their jobs (or been promoted).

Lindiwe Sisulu accused Mmusi of been a, "hired native".

Julius Malema has a long record of making racist statements like: "“This is a building of a revolutionary party, and you know nothing about the revolution … so here you behave or else you jump … chief can you get security to remove this thing here … and you don’t come here with that tendency, don’t come here with that white tendency, not here … you are a small boy, you cannot do anything.” He concludes this rant by calling him a “bastard” and a “bloody agent”." and In October 2010 addressing a crowd in Stellenbosch Malema called Helen Zille a cockroach. “If Zille had her way, she would declare the Western Cape an independent republic. You have put a cockroach in Cabinet and we need to remove that cockroach by voting the ANC into power.” (you have to admit, his words sound a lot like something that went through the airways just before the Rwandan genocide) Or the time he talked about Lindiwe and said "She is a tea girl of the madame, and her role must remain there in the kitchen for making the tea for the madame. Because that’s what she chose for herself. So I am not going to be debating with servants for the madame"

In 2009 Anele Mda called Deidre Carter (COPE deputy secretary) a “stupid, white token bitch”" In 2010 Jimmy Manyi (someone who hypocritically had a go at Penny Sparrow and "racists" said, "This over-concentration of coloured people in the Western Cape is not working for them …they are in over-supply where they are" and in July 2015, we had an ANC councilor by the name of Kenny Barrel Nkosi say, "Whites must f***off".

Where was this outrage against racism in all these incidents?

The reason I showed you this is because I wanted to make it clear that all parties have racists... but it  but only ONE party (DA) is actually dealing with the racists. The other major parties (ANC and EFF) harbour and protect their racists.

I know the ANC tactics, I know their next step. The Democratic Alliance are not the ANC's only target, so it was so ironic, watching the ANC troll factory set the tempo for the EFF who happily jumped in on the white bashing (its their thing). What the EFF do not know yet (however I am sure they will soon), is that they are also a target.

The ANC's campaign against the Democratic Alliance is simple. Race, race, race. Make it seem like South Africa has a racist crisis and pretend to be concerned about the "rise in racism". However, the ANC strategy against Malema and his I mean Black Nationalist Socialist Party is going to be a lot different. Instead of hitting Malema on race (which they cant, as there are not enough white people in the EFF) they are going to manufacture the perception that Malema was behind the deaths of the miners at Marikana and that he (Malema) is the main instigator and primary person responsible for the bloodshed at Marikana.

How do I know this? From the same source that told me that the ANC troll factory were going to create a racist storm against the DA. So far my source has been 100% reliable. The ANC have spent at least R20 million so far (according to my source), to manufacture this perception.

All this racial tension that you feel in the air? All the attacks on Malema? Expect them to disappear right after elections.

South Africa has idiot racists like everyone else, however, they do not represent our culture even in the slightest. The average white South African, just like the average black South African is happy to get along with whomever. Most South Africans (white and black) are not racist. Most of us work and coexist peacefully and in prosperity.

It appears I am not the only person to notice and identify the work of the ANC troll factory. Moeletsi Mbeki had the following to say about this race-tension amplification:

"However, Mbeki says recent racist posts that have made headlines over the past few weeks are not a true reflection of South African society. “Many people think, just because of few individuals on social media, that we as a society are riddled with racism and this is definitely not true.

I can honestly say, that in the 5 years I have been a member of the Democratic Alliance in the Eastern Cape (activist, not public representative), I have never once come across a single white or black person in the party who has ever said a single racist comment to me.

To my fellow South Africans of all colors. Dont let the ANC manufacture your perception with "wit gevaar". Its the same tactic the Nationalist Party used (except they had Swart Gevaar). You need to learn to identify manufactured perception and deal with it. Don't let it set the beat to your heart and mind (even though it seems like so many people are saying it, it just has to be true).

South Africans need to unite against those sowing racial disharmony. The people who preach "wit gevaar" are doing it for a reason. The longer you folk are fighting over race, the more they will get away with.

Anyways, this is my two cents. This article will go by completely unnoticed. The ANC troll factory is so hard at manufacturing perception that a post like this is about as effective as a goose farting against a hurricane.

For South Africa to succeed, South Africans need to be able to identify when they are being used and manipulated. I really hope for our country's sake they do this sooner than later.

Ndiyabulela, thank you for taking the time to read this post. 


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