Sunday, January 24, 2016

When racist do not know history - PART1

This is going to be a multi part series. Sitting in South Africa's largest political form ( Khuluma Afrika ) you get to see all crazy and weird stuff. The strangest opinions with the most bizarre points of view. Generally its harmless, but sometimes the disgusting racists creep in.

Rancid racists come in all forms. Some black, some white, and some that are black that pretend to be white and visa versa. There is a new breed of black supremacist racism that is growing in South Africa.

This is mostly due to the South African Nazi Party which is commonly known as the EFF. They call themselves economic freedom fighters when in reality they are a bunch of unemployed racists who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper packet.

Anyways, one of the resident black supremacists in Khuluma Afrika decided to post the following idiotic meme:

 He starts out with the statement:

"Did you know it was black people who kick- started Civilization worldwide?"

While people from Africa played a very important role in the development of civilizations (and every human alive today has an African ancestor) they certainly are not responsible for any of the developments he shows in the meme beyond the one in Egypt (which they did not "kick start").

This confusion comes from a short period in Egyptian history where the Nubian Kingdom had basically taken over Egypt and they ruled the Kingdom of Egypt for a short while. A couple of Egyptian statues with bantu features from the Nubian influence is enough to confuse the heck out of a racist who doesnt know his history. And those statues are evidence to a small mind that one demographic was responsible for the Egyptian civilization. Many civilizations played a part in ancient Egyptian culture including the Ancient Greeks, Assyrians, Romans and many more.

Not only that, by the time the pyramids were built and long before Nubian influence on Egypt, European and Middle Eastern civilizations were flourishing.

I don't think I have to spend much time on the ancient Chinese, Mexican, Peruvian and Indonesian ruins. African black people had absolutely nothing to do with their developments on any level. Black people from Africa have contributed greatly to humanity but building or been involved in any of those ancient civilizations is not it.

The most ancient recorded civilization does not come from black Africans nor does it come from white Europeans. It comes from the Middle East.

The oldest signs of sedentary culture can be found in Levant where the Natufian culture is observed evolving from nomadic hunters to an agricultural society. The earliest proto-urban settlements can be found in the Neolithic Age which was from 6900 BC-6500 BC. Again this is from people who who are neither from Africa or Europe.

So what we do know is that civilization did not start in either Europe or Africa, and as much as white supremacists want to think it started in Europe or black supremacists want to believe it started in Africa. Neither group of racist idiots can honestly make that claim.

In the above meme, while he is comparing different ancient civilizations he puts a picture of ancient neanderthal cavemen (pictures from 50 000 years ago). A people who were extinct before civilizations began anywhere and who died out when early humans (homo sapiens aka the children of Africa) migrated into those areas and probably hunted neanderthals to extinction.

Now before I let this go let me show you an example of a Kudzanayi trying to con you with his professional victim act.

"Enough of the lies and colonial falsehoods"

What lies and colonial falsehoods? Colonialists have never said civilization started in Europe. Most colonialists from Europe worshipped a religion that identified several civilizations more ancient than themselves in their holy texts.

In the meme Kudzanayi presents and the words he uses, he insinuates that colonialists from Europe (lets not forget Kudzanayis ancestors are also land conquering colonialists) told black people that civilization started with white people.

I called this first release in this series, "When racists do not know history - Part 1" as I am sure Kudzanayi and other poorly educated racists are going to be giving me a lot of content to work with in the upcoming months. As I come across their lies and intentional disinformation I will be presenting that information here to show to the world, what foolish things ignorant racists believe.


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