Friday, December 3, 2010

Are Aliens Among Us? Sort of, NASA Says

This discovery by NASA is pretty interesting. In a nutshell most known life has two things in common. Carbon and phosphorus. What NASA have found is a life form that is made of arsnic. These newly discovered lifeforms have their DNA chains held together by arsenic! 

This is pretty big because this means they could be from a totally different biosphere to us. Lets see what Fox News has to say about this (apologies for using such a dishonest source as Fox News, but it was the best link avaliable at the time.)

Alien life has been among us all along, according to new biological findings announced by NASA Thursday.
Research conducted by biochemist Dr. Felisa Wolfe-Simon from the U.S. Geological Survey has turned the quest for alien life on its ear, suggesting that phosphorous, carbon, and the other fundamental elements found in every living thing on Earth aren't the only signs of life. Wolfe-Simon explained the findings at a hotly anticipated NASA press conference on Thursday.
After a two-year study at California's Mono Lake, near Yosemite National Park, Wolfe-Simon found that a bug will grow in the presence of the toxic chemical arsenic when only slight traces of phosphorous are present. It's a radical finding, says molecular biologist Steven Benner, who is part of NASA's "Team Titan" and an expert on astrobiology -- forcing the space agency to redefine the quest for other life in the universe.


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