Friday, December 3, 2010

Scientologists own Kayalami Castle

Its pretty disturbing to hear that this landmark in  Kayalami Johannesburg is now owned by the cult of Scientology. This sick and evil religious group have taken control of one of our local landmarks. You can be assured that this landmark (Kayalami Castle) will be used to fleece South Africans of their hard earned cash (all that cash will be sent back to the USA), and that the location will be used to abuse and hold people against their will.

I came across this terrible news while watching XenuTV. XenuTV shows personal attacks by Scientology against Anderson Cooper for his in depth hard hitting reporting.

Here is the VERY dishonest propaganda piece done by the Cult of Scientology that attacks Anderson Cooper and that mentions their conquest of Kayalami Castle in Johannesburg (Johannesburg is mentioned around 5:25 seconds into this shrill piece).

We like to think as South Africans that we are excluded from this type of stupidity but when I watch a propaganda piece like this it reminds me that South Africans are just as much at risk of being abused by Scientology as anyone else. 

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