Friday, December 10, 2010

Wikileaks now has a South African mirror

Yeah its official. South Africa now has an official Wikileaks mirror. This can be accessed by the address .

The site is currently hosted on multiple servers with hosting in the United States, South Africa, Sweden as well as two off the grid solutions. It will basically be impossible to take down the South African copy of the site for any extended length of the time.

The server and site is currently hardened against anticipated attacks from American secret services. A special thanks to the guys and girls at for help in motiviation and support for getting up. Please note that MyBroadband in no way endorses and this is a private project by individual MyBB members.

We also recommend a special form of protest for those fighting against wikileaks and free speech. For the big detractors we are offering them white feathers.

Wikileaks is most likely the most important tool for Free Speech since the inception of the Freedom of Information act.


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