Sunday, February 21, 2016

ANC attacks on democracy in Mpumalanga

The ANC controlled Mbombela Local Municipality was recently caught on camera breaking the law and attacking democracy.

Mbombela Local Municipality seams to have disregarded the South African Local Government circular, acting contrary to their confirmation of the SALGA's directive, as well as in contravention of Section 67(a)(i) of Chapter 7, of the Municipal Electoral Act 27 of 2000 which deals with the registration for elections.

In this following set of pictures you see the current corrupt ruling ANC party removing posters for the main democratic opposition in the province.

These people are a shame to South Africa. They have sold out democracy and their country for personal political gain. Shame on you Mbombela Local Municipality.


Mbombela Municipality has decided to contradict the SALGA directive and remove the DA registration posters. A clear indication of how the current ANC government is running scared.

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