Saturday, February 27, 2016

Future leaders of South Africa - Go Potch! - Awesome student response

This wonderful image came across my feed today. It shows you that the violent racist thugs in our society only represent a tiny minority and that we as South Africans stand united against the racists.

Well done to these awesome students at Potch University. You guys and girls make us proud and we thank you for your effort. You are building and uniting the fabric of our society. In the picture below you see Potch students cleaning up the mess left by the racist riots earlier in the day. Together and united they are showing they can clean up the racists by working together to fix the harm the nationalists are doing to our society.

The racists nationalists think they are breaking down Mandela's dream of a rainbow nation. They are so wrong. They are making the rainbow nation stronger as we unite against the racists. We may be a very diverse people but we will unite together when you try hurt any of us. South Africans beat the white nationalists, South Africans can beat the black nationalists and corruption.

What makes me so proud about South Africans. Even though the nationalists are trying to make this out that the racial tension in South Africa is "black vs white". Its not. Its black, white, Indian, colored and every other non-racist vs black nationalist racism.

You see a lot of hate out there. Even my site has a wall of hate (which I do not like, but needs to be up as a lesson to us all). So let me show you what cooler South Africans are saying online. Not the racists you read about in the media.

Special thanks to everyone in New Political Forum 2.0 Khuluma Afrika. You guys keep talking. We need it.

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