Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Anti-Racism Action Forum aka A Confused Bunch of Racists - A South Africa special special Edition

Today I came across a special kinda special. It appears some of the racist wheeltappers from the EFF (aka the South African nazi party) are wanting to lay criminal charges against FW de Klerk. (EDIT: Even though they proudly wear EFF colors, some people are claiming they are not EFF. Ill let the reader decide on that.) The last president of the Apartheid regime, whom with Nelson Mandela received a Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating a peaceful and non-bloody end to Apartheid.

The Anti-Racism Action Forum (ARAF), also known commonly as 'A Confused Bunch of Racists' has laid 22 charges at a Hillbrow Police station against De Klerk and Adrian Vlok.

The forum describes itself as a “campaign against racism‚ by anti-racist civil society organisations‚ political parties‚ revolutionary movements and individuals”.

The group’s mission statement focuses on white racism and “land theft” from black people in South Africa, saying that anti-racism movements can only be led by black people.

Which is pretty ironic and hypocritical, considering that bantu farmers from the DRC colonized land from the Khoi-San... so any claims they make, are against themselves as well.

However, this glaring hypocrisy is not enough to earn the title of, "racist". That comes in with the following racist comments they make (prepare yourself for pure comedy gold):
The ARAF maintains that black people cannot be racist.
Yes, in a clearly RACIST statement, the ARAF claims black people cant be racist. Let that sink in for a minute. In claiming that black people cant be racist, they are being racist.

The ARAF is headed up by a South African female who goes by the name of Yerushka Chetty and who is of Indian origin.... who has claimed the Title, "black" for herself (She reminds me of that white American woman who also claimed to be black).

Yerushka Chetty "black" "anti-racist" specialist

As my Afrikaans friends would say, "ja/nee"... as my Xhosa friends would say, "mxm!". This new special kinda special is something we are going to have to get used to for a while as we wait for failed ANC education systems to improve so we can start creating more youth with more informed opinions. 

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