Friday, February 19, 2016

What's really happening in South Africa

Sometimes I do not think the international community is aware of what is happening with racism here in South Africa and other times I sometimes feel a little like they intentionally ignore what is happening here (for racist reasons). It is hard to tell. I can not understand why the international community is so quiet on this.

So I thought I would post this pictures here, so people can remember what Elections 2016 in South Africa were like, and also to remember how the world completely ignored this issue as though it didn't exist.

The only think I am thankful for, is that the world was not this silent when white racists were out of control. Otherwise Apartheid would never have ended.

I am going to post two pictures from Nazi Germany so you can compare it to what is happening here in South Africa. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Before they get burnt...

Nazi Germany

Modern Day South Africa

Things get a little darker if you start looking at some of the sentiment out there:

I must stress, these racist people make up a tiny minority, but I also do not forget that Hitler took power in Germany with only 30 000 men. 

If any of the protestors ever read this. This is the advice I give you.



  1. there are certainly thousands of black people that hate white people in South Africa but it is only a small percentage of the black population. There are also thousands of white south africans who hate "karrifs" without reason they are however a very large percentage of the white population.

    1. You cant compare the two. The racist whites in SA are not organizing like this and trying to launch a race war. If anything Afriforum has shown a LOT of restraint against these racist nazis.

  2. Why should us whites take the fall for what black ppl do , they mest up sa they steal our electrisity and our jobs so why just give up fighting them its not worth it belive me !!!!!