Friday, February 19, 2016

Evershan Pillay - Joan Elise Smith conversation is a fake


 In the highly charged racial atmosphere that the ANC troll factory has manufactured... we have our newest manufactured National Supervillain.... Joan Elise Smith. (Please note, this is rehashed manufactured news from the troll factory from September)

According to Lauren Isaacs at Eyewitness News

CAPE TOWN - A KwaZulu-Natal man is up in arms over racist comments that were directed at him on social media.
Evershan Pillay says he was left stunned after messaging a woman on Facebook, only to receive several responses which included racial slurs.

Except one problem. The Joan Elise Smith account Evershan Pillay spoke to is fake.  

The real account belongs to a lady in LA. This fake account was created to pretend to be her (but a South African version of her).

Eyewitness reporter Lauren Isaacs did not verify the account was real and we have since confirmed is it definitely fake. Whoever Evershan Pillay spoke to was not Joan Elise Smith. 

For those confused:

Fake account:

I did try track down Lauren Isaacs to let her know about her journalist error, but for a journalist who has released over 800 news articles on Eyewitness News she has the smallest online presence I have ever found in a human. I found a Facebook page (with almost nothing on it). Nothing else, not even a Twitter account. Even my dearly departed grandfather who never touched the Internet once in his life comes up in more search results than Lauren does.

For a normal person this would be unusual, for a "journalist" it is almost unheard of. A journalist without an opinion outside of the the news she releases? There is something weird there.

At the very least she is a luddite, as she did not even use Google to verify the harmful information she was releasing.

Eyewitness News (to their credit) have since retracted the story and acknowledged it was fake. It appears Pillay did not tell them he knew it was a fake account. 


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  2. I read that article this morning and was quite suspicious of how the woman expressed herself. The language does not support an English woman with bad language skills nor an Afrikaans woman writing in Engligh. The mistakes were just not in alignment with how the languages are structured. It infuriates me as I cannot help but suspect politicians of being behind such lies; our country has been in a frenzy of racism since January and this is NOT how I experience South Africa at all on a daily basis!!!

  3. Im confused, how do you know that its based on a women in LA ,the "fake" profile is now deleted

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