Saturday, February 20, 2016

EFF responds with racist violence against students at TUKS University standing up to them

Some of the violent thugs in the racist EFF have once again resorted to using violence against Afriforum students (Afriforum represents and protects Afrikaner interests) .

These Afriforum students were protesting for their right to look after their heritage interests when the EFF turned violent on them. Throwing glass bottles at them, slapping them and other violent acts. Big up to the Afriforum Youth for NOT responding with violence. The only way to beat violent racist thugs is the same way Mandela beat them. Mass peaceful protest and keeping to the moral high ground.

It says a lot about an organization (especially one with a history of nazi-like racism) when it is unable to tolerate peaceful democratic opposition. Any organization that does these type of unprovoked racial attacks should never be tolerated by any civil society.

If you want to see whats happening at other universities by similar thugs, check out this article on book and art burning at the University of Cape Town


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