Friday, February 26, 2016

EFF want the land their ancestors stole returned to them.

They often say that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it while those of us who do know history are doomed to watch them continuously repeat history.

Sometimes life in South Africa feels a bit like groundhog day. In this conversation I am going to talk about an emotive issue. Land transformation.

First let me know where I stand on this. I am totally all for a complete land audit along racial lines so we can resolve this transformation problem. I want this over as soon as possible. I want the violence to end and the injustice to be resolved. But for some reason the ANC doesnt want to do a race based audit. You may have seen fabricated lies from the EFF claiming that "white people" own "80%" of the land. This is completely false. The EFF through Andile Mngxitama intentionally created this lie to manipulate the voting population.

For some reason, the  EFF believe that owning farmland is some type of magical shortcut to wealth. If this was true there would be a million millionaires in the Transkei "homelands" managed by tribal authorities. I have seen no evidence to believe anyone in the EFF has thought far enough into the future to see that most farms produce a little profit and through hard, relentless work.

If having land equaled wealth why are these EFF protesters not asking a chief in the Transkei for some tribal land like they used to have to do in the past? Their ancestors never owned the land. The kings and chiefs did, and land was issued to tribal members at the whim of the king (as was usual for kings and their subjects all over the world)

Either / or, during Apartheid, the government owned the majority of the land. Where is that land now? I really do believe we need to resolve this land issue once and for all.

Now to get onto the main theme of this conversation. That EFF members are so poorly educated that most do not realize they are the descendants of colonizers (just like white people) and their ancestors stole the land as well. So this brings me back to my first paragraph. Only those that know history can see how silly the EFF is in demanding back land they stole first.

Since I can imagine the absolute disbelief going through their racist minds (they somehow believe they own the whole of Africa), let me take time out to teach them some South African history they do not know. All the information presented below comes from a South African government website and is historically verifiable through multiple sources (including the rock art work of the Khoi and San).

Not related to the BaNtu tribes, the San are descendants of Early Stone Age ancestors. Clans and loosely connected family groups followed seasonal game migrations between mountain range and coastline. They made their homes in caves, under rocky overhangs or in temporary shelters. These migratory people do not domesticate animals or cultivate crops, even though their knowledge of both flora and fauna is vast.
Unfortunately, hunter-gatherers cannot live permanently alongside a settled community and thus problems arose. When the San fought against the BaNtu, they were at a huge disadvantage not only in numbers but also in lack of weapons. With the Europeans, they were at an even greater disadvantage. The Europeans owned horses and firearms. In this period, the number of San was greatly reduced. They fought to the death and preferred death to capture where they would be forced into slavery.

If the EFF wish to claim that "whites must return the land they stole", then using their "logic", unless they themselves return the land their ancestors stole. They are hypocrites.

Before I end off this conversation I want to tackle another misconception regularly told by racists in the EFF. Some racists believe that black people can not colonize other black people. Apparently in some of their minds, the racist EFF members believe colonization is a "whites only" thing. Its not. Many great empires grew in Africa through colonization.

According to the foremost authority on the English language (the Oxford English Dictionary), the word colonialism has one meaning and it mentions nothing about being a "whites only" phenomenon.
The policy or practice of acquiring full or partial political control over another country, occupying it with settlers, and exploiting it economically

To put this into a humorous example. Imagine if the EFF belief that black people can not colonize black people was true. Using that same logic it would mean that white people could not colonize white people. Which means Europeans will be happy to hear that the colonization by the Roman and Greek Empires never happened and that Rome never colonized Britain.  As you can see, this is a pretty absurd view. Britain was colonized by the Romans. The evidence is in the letters you are reading right now. You are reading the Roman alphabet. Not the English alphabet.

One of the greatest and most feared of the colonial empires was the Zulu empire. Over 1 million Africans died directly as a result of one of the Zulu Empire biggest expansion periods known as the Mfecane (Zulu word for "the crushing"). Tribes like the Lozi that tried to reject Zulu colonialism where 'genocided' off the face of the planet. The Zulu Empire was a powerful and effective war machine and no other Bantu tribes in Southern Africa could withstand its might.

The amount of people who died due Zulu colonialism in the Mfecane is more than than all the people who died over hundreds of years through European colonial expansion in Southern Africa.

Now before you get the wrong idea, I'm not attacking the Zulus here. No Kingdom is not guilty of this same history. Almost every single human alive today is the descendant of a colonizer. Its how things worked in the past. In the past. Might=Right. You took with force or were taken by force. That was it.

Concepts like human and civil rights, equality and such are fairly modern concepts in our social evolution. We are still figuring this out as we go along.

I dont know of a single Kingdom or King that expanded his empire that is not guilty of great war crimes if judged by todays much higher moral standards. Those were different times and different ways. If you are going to judge them by our ways in our time, every single past powerful leader is going to disappoint you. From Rhodes to Shaka, from Caesar to Khan.

Black nationalists like you get in the EFF (and to a degree the ANC) try seperate black people from white people as much as possible. They do not realize how much the same we really are.

None of us have a clean record, all of us share common history. My history is your history, your history is my history. We are all human beings with a shared past, and a shared future. To not allow the black or white racist to divide us. We are all needed to make our country great. Our diversity is our strength and once we deal with corruption (something racists want you distracted from) we will make this country and all its people great.

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