Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Troll Spotting 2. Violent racist attacks on a minority

So for those of you who have been following my blogs you will notice that the violent racist attacks against the white minority are increasing. This is being stoked and fueled by the ANC controlled government that wants a race war to distract people from their incredibly high levels of corruption.

Please see the other videos on this series to get context:

Well today it escalated again (thanks to the EFF and the ANC racists). Right now the ANC troll factory is in full swing. They have taken an incident they started and tried to be professional victims and make it out to everyone that it was uncalled for white on black violence. 

This is the cherry picked video they have decided to "prove" that white people are "causing" "racist" fights. With comments like "white people beat black people like slaves". This is how the racist EFF manipulate people. 

However, everything has context, and what the Nazi racists do not show you is a bunch of racists attacking the white students first, and targeting a female (which they decided to hit).

These racist Nazis are such pathetic cowards that they only way they can exert force is to hit a woman. They ran away from from all the men they challenged. I have never met a racist that was not a coward and this reinforces that belief of mine.

This is what the racist EFF and ANC racists will not show you.

This is not a fight against black racists and white racists, it looks like a fight between black racists and South Africans fighting against racism.

Another video of the incident.

According to the Herald Newspaper (a newspaper owned by someone connected to the ANC)

Security was tight at the University of the Free State (UFS) as it entered the first of a two-day shutdown after violence gripped the campus.
Workers were reported to be protesting outside the gates of the main campus on Tuesday hours after UFS announced via SMS that “UFS Bfn Campus closed 23-24 Feb 2016 due to strike and protest. Safety of staff and students our priority.”
Violence erupted on Monday when a group of protesters invaded the field where a Varsity Cup match between FNB Shimlas and FNB NMMU Madibaz was in progress.
“Members of the UFS Protection Services gathered around the protesters but were outnumbered‚” a university statement said‚ and “after a few minutes‚ spectators ran onto the field”.
“The protesters were chased off the field and beaten by the spectators.”
UFS senior leadership condemned “in the strongest terms possible the violence against the protesters”.
Fears of racial violence dominated social media‚ with some saying Monday’s actions were a declaration of “war”.
saasa ‏@SpicesGp simply tweeted: “War declared #university of free state”‚ but Kgagamatso ‏@Nator_Da felt that point had long been passed: “What’s happening at the University of Free State is past civil war … Its ‘ a part of hate’ you know ‘apartheid’ ”
A dispirited Curiosity Locksmith ‏@CuriousityLocks posted: “As for University of Free state‚ a civil war is looming. Those grounds are no longer safe for anyone‚ sad reality”.
Escobar Senior ‏@IAm_Yise expressed his fear of reprisals: “I’m Afraid of How Black People Are Going To Stage a Retaliation In Their Numbers @ University Of Free State #UFS”.
UFS’s statement on Monday warned that “nobody has the right to take the law into their own hands”‚ and an “urgent investigation is underway‚ using footage from the event”.
“No stone will be left unturned to identify those who acted violently‚ whether students or not‚” it added.
It also pointed to outside influences‚ claiming: “It is clear at this time that both the protesting group and the spectators included non-students in their number.”

Please read this article on how non-Racist TUKS students are combining together in their diversity to fight back against the hideous racists. 


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