Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Non-racist, multicultural TUKS students show the EFF racists they stand united

In all this manufactured racist perception that the ANC troll factory is going out of its way to manufacture in its attempt to create a race war to distract voters, there is this beautiful glimmer of hope in our future that I really do believe has to be shared here.

In this midst of all the racial tension intentionally manufactured by the ANC:

We get this more true reflection of what really our beautiful South Africa society stands for. Here is a group of diverse TUKS students standing together in their diversity against this racist onslaught manufactured by the ANC that is gripping our country. 

Well done to these students showing the racists how it should be done. These are real South Africans and future leaders. Not the Nazi-like thuggery we see from the EFF. 

News24 reported the following:

On Tuesday, 23 February tens of students at the University of Pretoria formed a human chain and began to pray for unity and peace on campus. "Jesus is Lord over our nation," they chanted. We will stand together, black and white, coloured and Indian, and unite in one purpose," said a prayer leader.
"Yes," replied students, their heads bowed in prayer. Some nodded in agreement, while one student raised a hand to the sky. The religious group's actions follow violent confrontations on campus over the institution's language policy and fee increases. Watch the full video above.

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